Thursday, March 3, 2011

Catching Up

In February, Craft Critique ran my review of Arterro Kits. These kits are really high quality, great for kids, and there was a giveaway.

I hope you add Craft Critique to your blog reader because there are so many giveaways, I can't keep up!

This month, I reviewed the Slice Fabrique. It was really fun to test! We are giving some away, so just answer the question at the bottom of the article to qualify for the drawing. Remember, the giveaway is at Craft Critique, not here.

Look what I made with it! I did this happy banner (or is it a bunting?):

I added these applique to a couple of felt bowls I already had made. These are those kinds of things that have snaps at each corner so they store flat, but easily snap into a useful little cloth bowl:
I also make this monogrammed bag for a little girl I know who has a new baby brother. Inside the bag is a little bunny doll, but I totally forgot to photograph the doll. It was a mini-moopy which I downloaded years ago when she offered it as a free pattern.

Her little brother got some bibs and a blanket, but I will wait to share those until they are received.

Happy Spring! I'm sorry I rarely post anymore, I still get site stats, but I wonder if anyone still has me on their blog readers.