Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowtorious 2011, SNOMG, Snopocalypse

It was a blizzard alright! Just a little bit south of us toward downtown Chicago, they even got thundersnow. I think instead of that, judging by the photos I'm seeing online, we got a couple extra inches of the fluffy stuff. School is cancelled for the next couple of days and everyone is out shoveling and plowing.

That's the snow drift blocking the second story window in my foyer. Here are my neighbors across the street plowing it all away with their monster snow blowers. On my side of the street we have good old fashioned shovels. You can see the snow at the street covers the mailboxes.

They came over later in the morning and plowed us out, so I'll be baking cookies for them this afternoon. The kids are having a blast!