Thursday, April 9, 2009


Lets take a moment to recall one of the shows I watched after school in the 1970s. My parents limited our television, but allowed us to crash in front of the tv for awhile after school. Sometimes, I would also be playing a board game or cards with my brother. I think we pretty much only watched TV after school because I only remember these reruns that aired and I don't recall watching many new shows.

First up, The Banana Splits:

One of the cartoons on the Banana Splits was The Adventures of Gulliver. Flirtacia was the blonde who had a crush on the handsome dark haired giant and hero. One of the Liliputians is a depressed pessimist and he always drones, "We'll never make it..." when the group is in danger.

This is the unforgettable theme to "Danger Island":

"Uh oh, Chongo!"

Another cartoon was The New Adventures of Huck Finn. In this one, live action children actors would walk around in animated environments. I loved the idea of walking around in a parallel universe like this and I would imagine I was Becky. Becky, Huck and Tom are always on the run from Injun Joe.

The Banana Split show was where we kids would see all the Hanna Barbera cartoons like Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole:

Also on the show were Atom Ant, Magilla Gorilla, Wacky Races and more.

These clips are totally dated and my children are absolutely not interested in the shows I has so much fun watching as a child. Alas...

Happy Easter and Passover Blessings to all!

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