Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day

I'm remembering my sweet, gentle Grandma McKee today. In this photo, it is the mid 1930's and she is holding her first baby, my Uncle Curtis.

She always had a beautiful project in her hands. When they stayed with us in the summer and over the Christmas holiday, she would always be making beautiful thread crochet motifs that she would assemble into heirloom tablecloths for all her grand daughters and grand nieces.

Vintage Work by My Grandma

Here she is with my beautiful Aunt Nancy who sadly passed away this year.


She made cross stitched quilts like this one for all of her adult children. This one was Aunt Nancy's. I am grateful to the family who saw to it that I would receive it. She made a red version of this for my Mom and Dad. This blue one is dated 1965.

Vintage Work by My Grandma

I feel a strong connection to both of my grandmothers. Their personalities could not have been more different, but they had the same hobbies which I find that I share. My Grandma N favored sewing and quilting and crafted with her girlfriends for sales and church bazaars. Grandma McK was a content and kind spirit. She stitched in her younger years, but I only remember the thread crochet. Several family members have handmade wool braided rugs that she made with scraps. Her afghans were used and loved.

Gram passed away shortly after Mothers Day about 12 years ago after a long, devastating decline from Alzheimers Disease. Even in the worst stages of her illness, she was kind, loving and sweet, especially to my Grandfather.

Vintage Work by My Grandma
Happy Mothers Day to you all. I hope you take this day to remember sweet times with the matriarchs in your families.


Andi said...

What a wonderful collection of craftwork/artwork/memories/heirlooms.
Your grandmothers will be so pleased to have a family member like you who can pass on their love of beautiful handwork.
Happy mothers day to you too.
Andi :-)

Paula said...

How wonderful that you and your family can use and enjoy these heirlooms left by both your grandmothers. That crochet work and the cross stitching is amazing but I've got to say I just love the quilt with it's lovely cheery colours and the simple flowers.

Miss Gina Designs said...

Such beautiful family heirlooms. Cherish these memories.

Heather said...

I love the photo with your grandma and her first sweet!

Sarah said...

How fabulous to have all that handwork of hers!

Nan said...

Those are true treasures. We have a block from an unfinished crazy quilt and I am determined to replicate it and finish it! Hugs!