Friday, July 10, 2009

Blue Bedroom

At my parents house, Mom has a napping nook previously referred to as "The Little Red Bedroom". I didn't get a picture of it when it was all vintage reds and whites, but it was very welcoming and comfy. There wasn't anything dated about the Little Red Bedroom, but Mom had it that way for at least 15 years and was finally tired of the red and wanted a change. Embroidered felt tie-back

We used my sewing and quilting skills to makeover the room. We kept flashes of red, but changed the color scheme to this rich blue, pink, and hints of chartreuse. It isn't finished yet, but I did all the main sewing of this quilt, a set of pillowcases, and the curtains.


On the blank angled wall above the bed we picked out some fabric swatches to display in some embroidery hoops. You've seen this. It's the Swatch Portraits idea from The Purl Bee. Our swatches are laying on the floor under the window.

Blue Curtains

There are plenty of opportunities for us to add colorful funky things to this room. It is my daughter's room choice when she sleeps overnight with her grandma and grandpa.

I didn't photograph them, but Mom has dresser drawers full of hand embroidered pillowcases that she uses here and in another guest room. She needs a new lamp, but we temporarily gave this one a makeover with this fabric skirt. With a little rick-rack, this lamp might get to stay!

Fabric lampshade

I'm off for the weekend in Wisconsin at the lake! I usually come back exhausted, but rested and renewed It's the best weekend of the whole year!


Mom Wald said...

I would love to take a nappy in this nook! What a wonderful little space.

Wisconsin? That's where Mom Wald's Place actually is. Glad you could come on a weekend with PERFECT weather.

IamSusie said...

Mom Wald - Wisconsin is fantastic! It really was a perfect weekend, but it was over too fast.

vivi said...

hi susie
reading your profile i realised that sometimes distance or language is nothing.. I just feel the same!
nice blog, kisses from argentina

Anonymous said...

Your link to Sweet Bee's Vintage Finds links to a closed blog.