Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Quilts from the Village 2009 Show

There was a great quilt show right here in my town! This one was put on by a local(ish) guild: Quilts from the Village XI by the Village Quilters of Lake Bluff/Lake Forest, IL. That guild is a little bit far for me, but I think I really should join a local quilt guild.

"Stephanie's Quilt" by Sandra Lewis
Quilts from the Village Show 2009

"Museum Rose Sampler" by Caren Pfaff. Hand quilted by Nancy Pederson. This quilt was a finalist at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. It was on the cover of Quilters Newsletter Magazine and it made their 2004 calendar too.
Quilts from the Village Show 2009

"Savannah Sunshine" by Linda Warren
Quilts from the Village Show 2009
Quilts from the Village Show 2009

"Dreamcatchers...A New Beginning" by Wayne Sneath. This pattern is called "Montana Cartwheel"
Quilts from the Village Show 2009

"Erica's Snuggle Quilt" by Kris Johnston. It's all flannels and I think the border was that very soft snuggley stuff. My daughter and I really had to restrain ourselves from handling it.
Quilts from the Village Show 2009

I have more pictures that I will share later. It's a good thing I am not a professional photographer, I always come home from these shows with blurry photos. I take the pictures really quickly because I don't want to get in anyone's way and I don't want to draw attention to myself, although I did check and photos were okay at this show. Once my mom told a booth operator at a quilt show that I have a blog and the woman got very pissed off about bloggers. I calmed her down, but I don't like confrontations when I'm just trying to look at pretty things. I was going to buy stuff from her, but I hightailed it away after making nice-nice. Attention Bloggers! Make every effort to credit artists! Also, that lady needs to get with the times...

Also, What what the heck, Safari? Why do you always mess up my font sizes in Blogger. This is super irritating.


Andi said...

I absolutely adore that first quilt.
Thanks for sharing!!
Andi :-)

Paula said...

I cannot even imagine how many hours these women have spent working on these works of art they are all wonderful. I specially like Stephanie's Quilt and Savannha Sunshine. Can't wait to see more.

Mom Wald said...

Thanks for taking us to the quilt show! The third to the last quilt reminds me of rick-rack. How fun!