Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vintage from Grandma Part Two

This is a continuation of my last post. I suppose it will come up in your blog readers in the wrong order. You do use Google Reader, don't you?

I got a nice stash of vintage laces and embroidery at a family reunion from my Aunt Lavina. These are things that belonged to my Grandma, Leonace Burrell McKee when she was young. Here she is with my grandfather, probably when they were courting. They married in 1930:
There are some nice embroidered linens in this section of the collection. Times were tough for folks back in those days and Aunt Lavina told me of a story she remembered about a full set of embroidered sheets. After they were completed, I guess they were too scratchy and uncomfortable to sleep on, so the pretty embroidery had to be pulled out because there wasn't any money to buy a different set of sheets. Can you imagine? That was just the way it was, I guess.
Vintage Needlework
Look at those perfect satin stitches!
Vintage Needlework

These pieces are cut off of the ends of well used pillowcases.

Vintage Needlework

Vintage Needlework

Vintage Needlework

Vintage Needlework

Vintage Needlework

Vintage Needlework

Aunt Lavina and Uncle Larry have traveled the world and Lavina has collected linens and needlework from cultures everywhere she has traveled. She showed me her beautiful stash of stuff, but I didn't have time to photograph it. I am so happy she gave me these lovely things from the tradition of needlework in our family.

My mom has been giving me my stuff from when I was little. Handmade doll clothes, Joan Walsh Anglund dolls, a very old Raggedy Ann. My loved teddy bear.. not all of it is worth posting, but those vintage dolls... I've got to take some pictures of those to share..


Anne N. said...

I LOVE it :o)
Very nice!!
Hugs, Anne:)

Paula said...

How lovely to still have all that to treasure and pass on to the next generation.

Alicia said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful things!! I also have some and I love them a lot, these are works that noboby does anymore.
Kind regards and Happy New Year!!