Thursday, December 2, 2010

Advent Garland

Since Jenny at Allsorts is revisiting this project from the past, I thought I'd share my version of it too. Back in 2007, as soon as I saw her felt pocket garland, I had to make one, even though I scarcely have room for any more holiday decorations. We don't have a mantle, so I have to get creative about where the stockings and garlands go.

Felt garland detail

Here is the Advent garland hanging over our old sorry sofa. I used to try to mask the pitifulness of that sofa with pretty blankets and pillows, but it was really bad. This is the post I wrote on the glorious day the garbage truck came and took it away.

Felt Garland

Her pattern has some cute printables that you take out of the felt pouches each day, but I made a variety of seasonable felt applique disks. I loved making these and could scarcely stop until they were all done.

Felt Ornaments

My kids actually agreed that we didn't need to stuff the envelopes with candy too. There is hardly ever a shortage of treats around here.

We celebrate Advent, but Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish friends and readers!


Jenny said...

As usual, beautiful work! Your house must be so fun and festive. I love the embroidered pillows on your sofa.

Martin and Anne said...

Susie, I loved, loved, loved this. I feel like such a schlump -- we get our kids the big Playmobil advent calendars with plastic toys. This year Griffin's is knights and dragons and Tess's is cops and robbers -- how festive . . . NOT. Those disks are amazing. The peanut butter blossom cookie completely rocks. Yay!

Paula said...

That's beautiful and so full of detail. I having a Christmas Link Party on my blog and I'd like to invite you to add the link to your post there. I'm using the Inlinkz systema which is very easy :-)

IamSusie said...

Thanks you guys! Anne, we all have the things we do well. I can tell you that none of us around here wrote a novel in November, and we never manage to get a completed snowman in our yard despite many inches of snowfall each winter.

rilojane said...

I saw this advent last year and got it in my head that I was going to make 4 of them and give them to family and friends at Thanksgiving. Did I mention I was pregnant with #2? Something about advents that no one seems to realize that I will volunteer to inspire: you better like what you're making, because you've got to make it twenty-four times over. OY!
I got one completely done, the others are still in process. And the one for me?? Yeah, I'm not so sure it's going to be kept for years to come, reminding me that I tend to get in over my head!!

IT'S SO CUTE, THOUGH!!! Good job with yours. I cut a gazillion corners on mine.

IamSusie said...

Oh rilojane, I feel your pain. I quit hand making piles of stuff at Christmas a long time ago. Now I only do it if I get a whole lot of joy out of the making. I recommend only making small items for gifts...