Thursday, November 29, 2007


Gadzooks! We hired a maid service to come tomorrow! I can't believe it! My husband rather hilariously suggested it as part of our holiday preparations. This may be the very first time our entire house will be clean all at the same time.

The problem is that I have to find a place today for all of our cluttered piles. My usual way of cleaning is to do just a little bit at a time and I will pick up the pile of whatever, dust or vacuum underneath it, and put it back where it was. Our drawers and cupboards are neatly organized, probably because half our stuff is rarely back in them. For tomorrow, I even have to clean up my sewing area and I haven't yet made these little fabric trees for our holiday table. When I told my husband all that The Maids will do for us. They even will change your sheets! Take out the garbage! Load the dishwasher! He wondered if we could afford to have them come every week.... We can't but he's a sweetie!

This is a very uninteresting post... I must admit that I'm still avoiding all the organizing I have to do right now...

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