Saturday, November 10, 2007

Craft Critique Review of Show

Over at Craft Critique, Martha posted about our craft show experience. Check it out HERE. I'd say that after getting your crafts together, the biggest trick about doing a show is pricing your stuff correctly. This is tricky, but I did my research over at etsy and tried not to make things that are really labor intensive (like piles of handstitched felt mascots) because I don't think people want to pay that much for my time...

Our sales companion, Sarah even put out some beads she made ages ago when she was experimenting with polymer clay. We all agreed that these are "vintage craft supplies" and I think she sold some too.

I was knitting this scarf at the craft show. I used some hand spun yarn my Mom gave me last Christmas. (Mom knows just what I like). Unfortunately, the scarf came out shorter than I prefer and needed some oomph so I got the other skein of yarn she gave me that Christmas and crocheted a funky ruffle trim. I love it now! It's just in time for the chilly weather too. The scarf is double seed stitch: 2 knits and 2 purls done in 2x2 grids all the way until you get the length you like. It's a good pattern that lays flat. I won't explain how to do a crochet ruffle. It's easy though! Crochet uses way more yarn than knitting.
Funky Knit Scarf with Ruffle

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Rebel said...

I like that scarf. Don't worry if it's a little short, it'll add just enough warmth & color. It's really cute.