Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Fabric Trees

Fabric Trees

These are our handmade ornament for this year. The pattern is over at The Small Object HERE. They are super easy, although you do need to use interfacing and a sewing machine zig-zag stitch. My daughter picked out some wild combinations and we are stitching some up for her to give to her teachers. I put a pom-pom and a string on mine. I also found that a pom-pom between the layers also gives a better staggered effect.

Wrapped gifts

We did a first round of Christmas with my brother and his family. I had time to use some tartan plaid fabric strips as ribbon and those tags are the Christmas Dangles from Jenny B at Allsorts HERE.

Ever had an awkward gift to wrap? We had a hula hoop to give our niece and I just wrapped it up in extra fabric. My brother told his daughter that it was a "Portable Particle Accelerator" so she could have her own playtime Fermi Lab.
Presents Wrapped


Lotta said...

I love the color combos your daughter picked out! If you just made the top tier you would have a Pee Pee Tee Pee.

IamSusie said...

Lotta- Where do you find this stuff?! Too Funny...