Thursday, December 20, 2007

School's Out!

We just finished my daughter's holiday party at school. Of all the activities I over-prepared, I'm most happy with this snowman craft.

Snowmen 1

We had to have something that a small group could do in about 10 minutes and this was just the thing. I got stick on google eyes and I prepared the felt hats, scarves, and paper punch colored buttons ahead of time. The snowmen are cotton balls.

Snowmen 2

This was a good use for the acrylic felt I'm not so fond of, although the quality really varies with this type of craft felt. I wish I knew what brands these are, so I know what to avoid and what to purchase in the future.

I've got enough supplies leftover to make about 20 or 30 more of these.. maybe we'll do it again at next year's party.

The next holiday job to tackle is baking for the neighbors. I think I'm making some gingerbreads, but who knows? I passed out some really delicious lemon curd too, so I might make that. My husband and I are also nowhere near done with our shopping although we've already exchanged with most people except the intimate family we'll be with on Christmas Day.

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Lotta said...

You can never overprepare for kid projects. In the end they feel like they made it ALL. Even though they only glued two cotton balls together. They're so proud to show it off! Nice work.

Where do you find your good felt?