Sunday, April 13, 2008

And the winner is....


Thanks to everyone who came out of hiding to comment on my blog! My daughter doesn't want me to mention her, but she picked the winning name at random out of one of our applique pouches.

My camera is loaded with photos from the Chicago International Quilt festival. It was terrific as usual, but it felt like I didn't give myself enough time to experience it fully. I didn't get through all the booths this year, alas. Did you see my flickr photoset from last year? I bought a set of five one yard cuts to do a cool geometric quilt. The fabrics were from a booth for a shop that is located near me in Rockford, IL: It's For Quilting, Etc. llc. They don't have a website, but their fabric offerings were very youthful and modern.

Okay, so tonight I have to edit all those photos I took.

BaileyGirl5, I'll send your items to you as soon as possible!

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