Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Getting Cozy

Summer tick-tick-ticks away! I'm trying to beef up my reading this summer and I finished all of the Chronicles of Narnia. That's 7 books so far! I know they were written for children, so this isn't much of an accomplishment. They were delightful and even better than I remembered as a kid. I don't know what I'll read next, but I was about halfway through Middlesex before I misplaced it.

I did a belated birthday project this morning for my niece:
Water Bottle Cozy

This is a water bottle cozy from a pattern in Mr. Funky's Super Crochet Wonderful. I made a different one last spring for my daughter. She loves it and it was a big hit at school. The pattern says to use Sugar and Cream cotton and that's what I used for the other version. This one is Red Heart Acrylic and I think it''ll be more stain resistant and durable than the cotton one.
The back closes with buttons:
Water Bottle Cozy Detail

Next week is my daughter's 8th birthday and I am really excited about her gift. I'm probably more excited than she'll be about it. She is getting the Hello Kitty Sewing Machine. She's done a little bit of sewing on my machine, but this one is supposed to be a good one for beginners, and well.. it's Hello Kitty! I got her a bunch of nice notions and a good pair of Fiskars scissors. I forgot to bring my coupons to JoAnns so I paid too much for her stuff, but I think learners should have good tools to start with. I have idyllic dreams of us sitting at the table sewing projects together. This will probably not actually happen, but not for lack of supplies! She wants a craft themed birthday party which I have not even begun to plan.


amy said...

Oooh, I'll bet your daughter will love the Hello Kitty machine. My 8YO has one also. Ahem, and her mommy has one too because, well, IT'S HELLO KITTY! And about those idyllic dreams of mother-daughter sewing? I have them too....

Donna said...

My 7 yo daughter is quite jealous that your daughter gets one and every once in awhile is like "so when I turn 8...?" First, I just need to get her focused because I have that lovely dream too.