Sunday, June 29, 2008

Japanese Stenciling Book

Japanese Stencil Idea Book

I dragged my family into our local Mitsuwa Marketplace after church today. I was sort of pushing my luck because we'd just been to Ikea. They agree the Japanese marketplace is pretty cool and I let the kids pick out whatever sweet Japanese treat they want. My son always prefers Pocky, while my daughter finds something with some sort of cuteness as part of the design. Today she got chocolate lollipop kids.

I looked through the craft books to see if ther was anything new that caught my eye. I didn't see much felt craft this time, and the kids embroidery motif books weren't available at this store today. The book I chose is a stenciling book. ISBN978-4-277-43110-1

These are ideas and stencil patterns you can use with simple freezer paper or regular card stock and acrylic paint. As usual, the instructions are very clear, even though I can't read Japanese:
Japanese Stencil Idea Book

This page is cute animal shapes. They make a good napkin set:
Japanese Stencil Idea Book

Here's leaves on brown paper:
Japanese Stencil Idea Book

This page is my favorite. It's doughnuts and cakes! Cute!
Japanese Stencil Idea Book

Simple sewing patterns are included. It has some traditional Japanese designs, flowers, kitchen motifs, an English alphabet, fruits and other fun shapes. The more I go through this book the more I like it!

I tried to find a link for you at YesAsia, but I couldn't find it there.


Melissa Norris said...

OMG that's so frikkin cute! I totally want! However, no cool asian stores were I live. Heck, no cool stores period!
Oh and I'm totally with your son, Pocky rules!!

Petit|Bijoux said...

Same problem with me... great book but ít's not available near me...

Thanks for sharing! I just love japanese crafts books!

You blog is amazing! I will add to my favourites list! :o)


Rebel said...

Oh that's awesome! What a great decoration. I might need to make one just for everyday use. =)

Happy Birthday!

Anupam said...

The book is very nice and beautiful.