Monday, November 24, 2008

Birthday Fabric

Although it has been quiet here at the Susie Can Stitch blog, I have been hand stitching so much I have a crick in my neck and muscle fatigue in my leg because I sit with my leg curled up underneath my body and I get so focused on what I am doing that I forget to move around.

I hope to take some pictures of the pouches and hair pins I've been stitching, but in the meantime, here is some of the Birthday Booty I got a few weeks ago. My family totally gets me:
Crafty Birthday gifts for Me!

Mom got that big stack of fat quarters last year at a fabric store we visited together. She also gave me that challenging quilt pattern underneath that is gorgeous but is all curves. Curves freak me out. The stack is so lovely, I've been displaying it like sculpture since I received it. My niece and nephew picked out the bright fat quarters when my brother took them to their local JoAnns. They also picked out those tools which are pom-pom makers.

My SIL said that nephew asked "What does one do with a pom-pom maker?" Craft things with pom-poms! I think I'll use up some of my cheap yarn stash on the pom-poms and use them in my gift wrapping this year.

My husband fueled my video game addiction with a Nintendo DS of my very own. It is totally frivolous, but I love it. Mario totally rocks my world.

It is very strangely cold here in Chicagoland. We'll probably have a white Thanksgiving later this week. My children have the whole week off from school and the sun seems to be setting at like 4:00. It feels surreal, but just the type of weather that justifies my obsessive stitching.


Andi said...

Happy birthday.
I'll need to show your post to my family members when my birthday comes around next year. LOL.
Andi :-)

Natasha said...

Happy Birthday! Gorgeous fabrics!