Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hello Kitty Sewing Machine

I did a review of the Hello Kitty Sewing Machine for Craft Critique. This was a long- planned gift for my daughter who turned 8 this summer. She loves it and has made several little beginning projects. Check out my review HERE.


margot said...

I think it's fabulous that you are introducing your daughter to sewing. My daughter was interested when she was younger and she and I did some sewing together. I certainly could have taught my daughter to sew myself as I've been a sewer for over 40 years (I'll be 50 this year) but when she was 10 the local quilt shop was smart enough to offer Sewing Camp (every day for 2 hours for 1 week). They worked out of the "I'll Teach Myself" series of books (Dreamspinner Discovery series) and my daughter loved it. In Book One there are a few cute exercises to help them learn to control their stitching (photocopy and stitch on paper) and several non-garment projects that my daughter loved. She made several puppies and kittens, a little purse, a postcard . . . The second year of stamp camp they made garments--boxer shorts or a vest. This was a fun concept and we maintained our sunny relationship this way. I would highly recommend this book series for young novice sewers. What smart marketers the owners of that quilt shop were!

IamSusie said...

Thanks for the tip Margot! I got her a beginner children's guide to sewing that I didn't discuss in the article. Daughter was motivated enough to try and do parts of the book on her own.

I tend to get a little bit impatient when we do some of this together.. typical mother-daughter stuff... so I can see that a sewing class is a really good idea.