Friday, February 5, 2010

Professional Quilting

Finally! It's quilted!

Katie Jump Rope Quilt

I went over to the professional quilters house a couple weeks ago to drop off this quilt top I've had finished for at least a year.

Alice has a ton of space to give over to her hobby in her basement. Here we laid out the quilt on the floor to be sure our backing and batting would be sufficient:

Getting the Katie Jump Rope quilt ready

Look at how gigantic her machine is!

Professional Quilters

It's a Gammil Optimum which is a top of the line model. Her husband is a carpenter so he understands about nice tools. They bought this for a retirement hobby.

Professional Quilters

She's like me in that she likes to make things for the joy of it and not so much to sell. Marketing and selling takes some of the fun out of creating for us. I feel lucky that I found her one summer at a booth at our local Farmer's Market. Our local quilt shop also has connections to professional quilters, but they take longer and have a far more limited selection of stitching patterns.

She let me take a few photos of her house which is full of quilts by Alice and handmade wooden things created by her husband.

Professional Quilters

Professional Quilters

Look at the cute spindle idea they came up with:

Inspired spindle

It's a spool of thread with a bobbin on the end! She has a lovely quilt collection:
Professional Quilters

I still need to do the binding on my quilt, but look at the swirly back:

Quilt Back



Rita @ Mochi Studios said...

Your quilt is so happy and lovely! I love these fabrics a lot and Alice did a beautiful job quilting it! She has such a wonderful selection of handmade quilts in her home! The spool and bobbin handles are so cute! Enjoy your quilt!

Andi said...

It's absolutely gorgeous.
You certainly CAN stitch!!

Jenny said...

Your quilt came out great!

I can't imagine how wonderful it would be to have such a contraption as the quilting machine "just for fun."

And I know what you mean about crafting for profit. It sucks all the fun out of it (or so it does for me).

iris said...

What a beautiful home!

Jane said...

Just beautiful!
I live in southern Wisconsin and am making an applique quilt for my daughter's wedding. I know that it is going to require quilting beyond me and my machine. Do you have some contact information for me for Alice? I'd love to take my quilt to someone like her!
Thank you!
Jane Swanson