Sunday, February 7, 2010

Floral Granny Squares - Wool

I had fun making granny squares with acrylic, but the yarn was so scratchy, I yearned for a more satisfying fiber to work with. I took a trip out to one of the Big JoAnns stores (my local one is one of the small ones, fortunately it is always pretty busy), and I found an endcap of all natural Stitch Nation Yarn. We just saw this yarn debuted at CHA. There is 100 % Peruvian wool, an alpaca/wool blend and a very soft bamboo/ wool blend. Each lovely skein is only $5! Not even the tiniest bit of synthetic fiber is in this yarn, the 100% wool is a squishy singly ply, and I don't have to go to a specialty yarn store or the internet to find it!

Here is my blurry pic of Debbie Stoller with her yarn at the Red Heart booth at CHA:


The colors I selected are my favored bright and higher contrast, but not as bright as the Red Heart Acrylic.
Wool Granny Squares

Wool Granny Squares
Wool Granny SquaresWool Granny Squares
Wool Granny SquaresWool Granny Squares

I'm making the squares into a throw pillow by special request from my husband and daughter. The pattern for this very nice granny square is free at Lion Brand HERE.


Today is the Superbowl here in the USA! Go Colts!


Paula said...

These are wonderful and the colours are just gorgeous :-)

Pen Pen said...

I love the colors!!! I really want to learn to crochet again. I used to be able to do the granny square but haven't done so in years. I will need a refresher course.

SpAzzGiRL said...

I'm totally jealous.
(that you can make these)
If I come up north to visit family, maybe the Z family won't mind me stopping in for a crochet lesson??

Mom Wald said...

I remember my Grandmother driving us all crazy by having to have a particular kind of yarn. She couldn't drive, and we'd end up driving her all over to find it.

Now that I've inherited her afghans, I get it. The ones with the "right" yarn are soft, and the acrylic ones are not.

I spent a lot of time the other day going through yarn to find some soft enough for wrist warmers. Grandma would be proud.

Your squares are DELIGHTFUL!!!

Jessica said...

Gosh I am so in love with these colors!!

Periwinkle Paisley said...

Those are just lovely! And you've reminded me that I need to get 4 skeins of yarn back from my neighbor who borrowed them 4 months ago! 'Specially my aqua.

Cat said...

Beautiful colors! Just love the way it is coming together. I know I don't leave comments, but see your blog quite a bit...and since I like it because of all your crafts, and because you are just such a bright and cheery person, I am awarding you the Sunshine Award for bloggers. Should you wish to accept it and put the badge on your site, just come on over to my place and pick it up!

Love the quilt, too! Should take the one my mom started in 1930 and have someone finish it! Hah!

IamSusie said...

Cat- How nice of you to give me a Sunshine Award! Thanks! I tried to check out your site, but your google profile is blocked.

You should totally have someone finish that quilt for you, you'll love wrapping up in something made by your family long ago.