Monday, April 26, 2010

2010 Chicago International Quilt Festival

Last weekend was the 2010 International Quit Festival/Chicago. I did a review article for Craft Critique. Read it HERE. Go to that Craft Critique post to see my photos of some of the winning quilts.

Because I went as a reporter, I had a press pass! Which means all my photos this year are totally kosher. Everyone takes pictures, though.. I am supposed to disable any way that you can steal my photos to use them on items for purchase...okay, readers, please don't do that.

I take nice, but slightly blurry pictures some of the time, but you really have to come and see a quilt show in person. The details are amazing..
Chicago Quilt Festival 2010
Chicago Quilt Festival 2010
"Foxy Sisters" by Ann Horton

Chicago Quilt Festival 2010
"Emerald Treasures" by Barb Forrister

The following photos were from an amazingly detailed quilt from Japan:
Chicago Quilt Festival 2010Chicago Quilt Festival 2010
Chicago Quilt Festival 2010
Chicago Quilt Festival 2010
Chicago Quilt Festival 2010
This is "My Quilt Room" by Yasuko Ito and Oharibako. Every detail is done by hand including the quilting. The quilt shows their quilt group members enjoying making a quilt in each member's room.

The show has a section of beautiful vintage traditional quilts. I love this graphic one. This is "Sunburst" by Unknown Quiltmaker c. 1800:
Chicago International Quilt Festival 2010

I will share more photos in another post later, but you can see my set from the 2010 International Quilt Festival/Chicago on Flickr HERE.


Paula said...

Wow, I can't even imagine the amount of hours these must have taken. Those foxes look so real and I love the turtles. The one with the different rooms is my favourite in this selection of photos and there's so much detail. It must be amazing to see these close up.

tarabu said...

those turtles make me swoon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susie,

Thanks for including Emerald Treasures. I'm happy they got a chance to be seen in Chicago.
Barb Forrister