Friday, April 23, 2010

Cuddly Cute Crochet

I am still around, but I guess I'm just blogging less these days. I recently did some very cute crochet projects for a book review on Craft Critique (disclosure). You can read the review HERE.

Cuddly Crochet

I used Red Heart Acrylic to crochet this bunny hat and mousie bib. My daughter wants the hat, but it is sized for a toddler, so I'm planning to give it to a sweet toddler of some friends of mine who live nearby.

Cuddly Crochet

My daughter's teacher is pregnant with a boy, so she's getting the bib along with a receiving blanket my daughter will sew in boyish fabrics.

Cuddly Crochet


Paula said...

These are lovely, no wonder your daughter wants the hat it's so cute. Alex had a similar one when he was a baby and he look adorable with it on :-)

spearmint baby said...

so so cute!! you are so talented! shari