Saturday, January 15, 2011

Amy Sedaris

Have you seen Amy Sedaris' new craft book, Simple Times, Crafts for Poor People?

Judging by the wildly varied reviews on Amazon, Amy Sedaris is not for everyone. I am not offended by her tongue-in-cheek suggestions to refashion household items into useless silly crafts like rope dolls, marshmallow stars, and fake hot plates.

Here she shows how to make pom poms (she calls them pompons) using big scary scissors that don't cut well at all. I bet you have several pairs of bad scissors in your house you simply can't throw away:

I received this book twice for Christmas. I took some time to go through it and came upon this layout in the "Crafting for Jesus" chapter:

These are "Jesus Coins"
Cut a circle pattern out of cardboard. Use this pattern to cut felt pieces of the same size. Glue the felt pieces over the cardboard coin. This represents "sticking with Jesus." Any image you remember from the Bible can be recreated and placed on your coin.
These, hilariously, look quite similar to the felt disks I stitched up for my advent calendar. I made these in 2007, but only blogged about them this winter.

Felt Ornaments

See my glowing cross in the center? That's the one we hang Christmas Eve. Here is Amy's from the book:

Too funny. I love this video too. Especially when none of the 5 bottles of glue she has works:


Rebel said...

LOL... "sticking with Jesus" - I love it! I'll have to check that book out.

Paula said...

Besides the cross there's another one very similar to one of yours, the crown. Makes you think if it's coincidence, you know great minds think alike and all that or something else! Although having said that, coincidences such as these are possible.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. This woman is having a blast. Wonder how she keeps a straight face? I loved the matching pink gingham panties of her multiple-personality floppy top (flappy top?). And that is the ONLY way I could ever get those nails to stay on my hands. Parody heaven.

Chase Clark said...

So good! I have her first book, it was a gift since my friends call me Martha Stewart. I am surprised that no one has bought this one for me yet.