Saturday, June 18, 2011

Baby Boy Bibs

There were a couple of baby boys born to friends recently. I have trouble crafting for boys, but bibs and receiving blankets are easy as there are lots of good novelty prints suitable for small boys.

These receiving blankets are a soft flannel on one side and a cotton print on the other and bound with packaged double fold binding. Fabrics are all prewashed and dried in the dryer. I make these blanket about 42 inches square, so they are larger than the little receiving blankets you purchase at the department store. At least they were larger than what was available a decade ago when I had babies!

Baby Receiving Blanket

I also made these baby bibs. Each is a layer of prewashed flannel and a fun novelty print. These bibs are more absorbent with two layers of flannel, but I forgot about that little tip until after the bibs were finished and packaged.

Bibs for Baby Boy

Honestly, I woke with a start in the middle of the night thinking, "TWO layers of flannel!" In any case, they are still absorbent and cute! I found a simple pattern free on the internet. They snap in the back.

Bibs for Baby Boy

One set of these were given at a shower to a mom who is an anthropologist/environmental scientist, so decorated the package with this elephant from the Martha Stewart website using fusible web backed fabric that I ironed on to brown paper. Have you tried finding something on the Martha Stewart website? Good grief... I'll keep looking for the elephant pattern and link to it if I find it.

Baby gift for a boy

My spring project this year was to organize my whole fabric stash in the basement. I'd say that I have needed to do that for about 4 years or more, but I finally got to it after rewiring some extra lighting down there and installing a television that runs Netflix Instant. I have a lot of fabric. In fact, I started to feel guilty, like I haven't sewn enough or something, but then I remembered all the quilts and pouches and bags and pillowcases I've sewn and I realized I've sewn plenty and I should not feel guilty about my hoard. I even used up some of the stash of red fabrics my grandmother started collecting for a Craft Critique review that will run soon. Here is a sneak peek at that project:


Rebel said...

I like your red & white quilt... it always amazes me how many different things you can do with half-square triangle blocks.

rilojane said...

Cute bibs! Thank you for inspiring me on what to take for the baby shower I have to go to next week.

And, yes, I've tried before to search for stuff on Martha's website. IMPOSSIBLE!! I've taken to not saying, "I'll have to look that up later." because I know I'll never see it again.

Lurkingly yours,

IamSusie said...

Thanks you guys! Martha's website has so many great ideas, but you can't ever find them! If I ever finish this red and white quilt, I think I can also use my stash to do a blue and white one and then even maybe a green and white one. It's a great stash buster project, but I have a big stash.

tarabu said...

I am always amazed at all the patterns that can come from half-square triangles . . .

Lisa K. said...

Here's the template for the elephant

...and the clip art/template index, too:

Chase Clark l Oh The Cuteness! said...

Gah that elephant wrap is great, but I know what you mean about trying to find stuff on MSO. Too much stuff to sift through!

Angela Jackson said...
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Angela Jackson said...

The baby bibs designs were awesome. I like the elephant print on the package. Thanks for the share.