Friday, April 20, 2007

Chicago International Quilt Show 2007

Quilt Show2007 052, originally uploaded by IamSusie.

I've uploaded my photos from the Chicago Quilt Show onto Flickr. Click here for my photoset. I only took about 40 pics and there were hundreds of quilts exhibited. Next year I'm making better notes of the artists too. I'm supposed to name each artist if I post photos.

This beautiful quilt is called Little Cities by Kathy York

Here's a detail of that one: Here's a really unusual one called Tsunami by Margarete Steinhauer
The stunning effect on this one was from a very successful use of unusual handyed fabrics

This one is Colorplay II by Anne Lullie. I love the color and the mosaic effect. The squares are fused to the surface. I seem to be drawn to blue and orange color combinations and the large flower motifs, especially if they have some reds or pinks. Mom and I have a favorite vintage notions vendor who arranges her things by color in a rainbow. I rarely feel that I can spend money at art shows, but this year, I allowed myself to buy a quilt kit. I think it may be about 2 years since I made a quilt top, so maybe having the kit will jump start me again. Not surprisingly that quilt was blues, yellows and orange...

Yesterday I made a super cute vintage style half apron. I left the laundry in a huge pile (it is clean), but I look the part of a happy housekeeper in my new cute apron!

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Sarah and Jack said...

That first quilt is really amazing.