Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Happy Easter!

Here's a Happy Easter Swap package I sent out to Novastarlet. I crocheted a couple of the eggs last year, and those are felt envelopes with some new designs that I'm considering selling.

What's inside the felt envelopes and crochet eggs?
Felt mascots!

This butterfly is an embroidery from a happy spring drawing my daughter brought home from school. It's part of a larger scene that I'm still working on. There is a giant pile of laundry that I delayed folding because of these crafty items. I really wish housework was as rewarding as stitching. Happy Easter and Passover Blessings to all! We are off to Minneapolis to see Nana and what the kids call her "upside down house" (it's a split level).


Martha Bonneau said...

O.k., how did I miss that you started a blog?! I am going to be here constantly drooling over all of the incredible things you create :) btw, I found the fairytale fabric at Superbuzzy

shelly b said...

your stuff is so cool! i'm gonna have to steal a couple of ideas! Love it all!

Amy said...

Love the felt envelopes with the little surprise inside..very clever :D