Monday, May 14, 2007

Mexican Emboidery

Mexican Girl Embroidery

It's a little bit late for Cinco de Mayo. This post is inspired by Floresita, who is one of the bloggers for the Flickr Embroidery Group. I wish I could say that I stitched this lovely girl, but it was done many years ago by my Grandma.
Mexican Boy Embroidery

My grandparents were all in Waterloo Iowa, so a motif like this would have been exotic for them. I'd imagine this is from the 1950's or so. The two figures are at either end of a table runner.

Since there has been some discussion of showing the backsides of our embroidery. Here's grandma's backside too.
Mexican Embroidery Backside

You can't really see the detail, because my camera stinks. Even my hubby agrees that it's time for a new one.

In other news, Mother's Day was lovely. We squeezed in a lot including an overnight with my parents, brunch, followed by history and nature hiking at Old World Wisconsin. We had a great day. I got some really cute orthopedic flip flops from hubby, and handmade cards, a trail map and headlamp flashlight from my sweet kids for our vacation in June.


floresita said...

I loved having a look at your grandma's sweet embroidery, and of course, her backside! :) I love the idea of Mexican motifs being "exotic" since for me, it was my normal surroundings (well, not Mexico, but Mexicans :)...

Thank you for this special post! :)

novastarlet said...

Oh, this is so wonderful. What a crafty grandmother. Now I'm wondering if mine made anything of note.

I think you must be right about it being an exotic motif for them, particularly during that time period.

Thanks for sharing!