Friday, May 4, 2007

Felt Foods!

Our Felt Foods swap is complete! We were really lucky that nobody flaked on us and we didn't even have to chase anyone down to get them to send on time. I made the package above for kitkabbit. My things were from various pattern books. I've always wanted to do a felt doughnut and cookies and this swap was my chance. I loved making the milk carton the best though.

Here's what the talented kitkabbit sent me. She made a swiss roll, peach, taiyaki (fishy), crepe, sakura mochi, fortune cookie, and cake slice! All of these were made into magnets and they are in use on my refrigerator right now. Such fun! Thanks, kitkabbit! I love them! Her package is bigger than mine. I do get swap anxiety about that when it happens...

She also sent my daughter a little miniature package inside a little plastic Hello Kitty container. These goodies are about the size of coins. My daughter loves them. I'm planning to make them into some little bows for her, but for now she's keeping her treasures together in their container.
We are planning another round of this swap, but this time it will be back to regular felt mascots and accessories. I can't wait!

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Martha Bonneau said...

O.k., that milk carton is seriously the cutest thing ever!