Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mom's Embroidery

Mom's Embroidery  004

Last Thanksgiving, I pulled out some of the family embroidery to decorate the table and other strategic places in the house. As soon as Mom came over, she recognized this embroidery. "I made that! I'd completely forgotten about it!"

It came to me in the boxes of stuff from my grandparents when they were ill and going to the nursing home. That was an incredibly stressful time for my mom and it never registered in her mind that this had been hers.

Mom's Embroidery 003

It's two linen dresser scarves or maybe they are table runners. Mom remembers that embroidery was a way to please her often difficult mother. She recalls doing these sometime when she was a teenager. They are very nice. Even the hems are handstitched.

Mom's Embroidery 002

Mom's Embroidery 001

Nice work, Mom! I love these!


digibudi said...

This is sooo beautifuly made! I adore the stitches and the pattern is to die for! loves it!

Rebel said...

Wow - your mom is really talented. I have a hand stitched apron my grandma made and it makes me really happy to have it. - zuma