Friday, July 6, 2007

French Knots

Sheep Pouch

Somehow I lost my little birdie pouch. After reading this blog post about French knots, I felt I could use a little bit of practice and I decided to give these pouches another go. The pattern is from a fantastic book by Sally Mavor called Felt Wee Folk. Although you can't really tell, I worked all day on this on July 4th. I did also cut out patterns to make more pouches. My husband was happy to stay home for the holiday and told the kids, "Mom's got a sewing fever today." We learned that our neighbors launch plenty of illegal fireworks and we can see the neighboring community's show from the backyard.

I stitched while watching countless Twilight Zone episodes. So many, in fact that I started to wonder what we ever saw in that goofy show anyway. The spooky supernatural themes are kind of dated as are the women characters who generally offer either shrill oppposition and moral weakness, or undying love and support to the men who get to have all the adventure. It is fun though... remember the one where Burgess Meredith dreams of having time to read, and when he survives nuclear holocaust near a large public library, his glasses break and he's doomed... There's another one where a woman dreams of having a normal face through plastic surgery. But, of course in a shocking ironic twist, we learn that, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

These pouches are pretty simple actually. It's just a long tri-folded rectangle with snaps attached. Sheep pouch inside You can find the snaps in the notions department and although they sell tools to attach them, you can do it with a hammer and a wooden spool.

The little pouch is laying on a surprise I made for my niece. I'll share that later.