Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy Independence Day!

Pieced Flag
Happy Fourth of July! I've already cranked up the ice cream maker in preparation for a picnic tonight. I like to see fireworks on the actual 4th, but there is a good chance of rain... In my hometown, our fireworks were always on the 4th, so I prefer to watch them on that day. We hope to go to my hometown suburb to watch their show, which is quite spectacular and the parking situation is manageable.
Above is a foundation pieced flag I made as Christmas gifts several years ago. I think it was the Christmas after September 11, 2001, actually. This time, it's not the camera, it actually is wonky.

And even though Mr. Lincoln was not president at the time of our great country's independence, here's the dolls my daughter received as gifts from her Grandma of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln in their inaugural ball outfits. We found these at the Lincoln Library Museum in Springfield, Illinois
Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln

In our family, we are quite interested in presidential history. My darling husband and I disagree considerably on the merits of our more recent presidents, but we try not to argue about it. We do agree on historical perspectives, however and our country would likely not exist as we know it were it not for Mr. Lincoln's unparalleled political genius that held our country together during the Civil War.

Happy 4th!

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Rebel said...

What a great little flag! I did a flag quilt for 4th of July this year too.