Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Star Party

Yikes! It's been awhile since my last post.

I've been busy getting ready for my daughter's birthday party. She wanted an astronomy theme and so my mom and I worked out some activities to do a Wish Upon a Star party.
Here's the birthday girl:
Emma with Stars

Whenever I volunteer at her class, the girls want me to bring them little felt critter barrettes, which I obviously can't do. I did make this batch for the party though. Mascots always look great in a big pile all together don't they? I finished the last one about 15 minutes before the first guest arrived.
Felt Stars
Here's the treat bags I stitched up. They have star themed treats like Milky Way candy, Starburst, Twinkies, Orbit Gum, Glow Bracelets, Sparkley stickers and Glitter Glue.
Star Treat Bags

We started off with wishes for all the girls like: "I wish that your favorite color markers never run out of ink." and "I wish that pizza will always come with your favorite toppings."

Wishing Stars

The real Star of the party, was my mom. Grandma is an exceptional teacher (with a book to prove it) and she ran all the games and had a terrific starmaker activity where we learned about the legend of Ursa Major and the North Star and then made these really cool constellation makers that project the constellation on the ceiling in a darkened room. I didn't get a good photo of those, but I had painted oatmeal boxes black and the girls decorated them with those metallic gel pens. We also played "Pin the North Star on Ursa Major" Really, it was a simple party. I didn't even get a special decorated cake and the girls didn't care.

I can also do these sorts of activities with children, but it's so great to have family nearby to make it a success. Last year, we did a Rainbow Party, and used lots of food coloring in our activities. One of the little girls told her mom, "Emma always has the best parties." That just makes us feel all warm and fuzzy.


Rebel said...

OMG! That looks like it was a great party. With all that creativity in your family... can't wait to see how your little girl turns out.

Donna said...

OK, I want a treat bag, too. Those are just adorable little stars.

Martha Bonneau said...

Cute! I want some of those treat bags for my birthday.

Anonymous said...

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Amber said...

Cute felt stars! I love them. I had to crack up because my oldest, turning 6 this summer, wants a star party and the 3 year old, turning 4 in August, wants a rainbow party. Hope you have a post on last year's party :)