Friday, May 23, 2008

Dynamite Magazine

Another relic form the 1970's and 80's is Dynamite magazine. I wish I still had my old issues. School aged kids would order their subscription to this magazine through the Scholastic Book Club. The book club is still active at schools, but the magazine is gone.

My favorite feature was "Bummers" which always began: "Don't you hate it when..." THIS SITE has a copy of Bummers. Click on the image on the lower left to see a readable image.

I wish I could find a great magazine like this one for my daughter. I really don't want to order a magazine for her that has regular features about style, make up, and shopping.

That's Jimmy JJ Walker from the TV show "Good Times" It was one of my favorite TV shows. My very own husband has no nostalgia for the television and media I liked from the 70's. He's crazy!


Turtlemoss said...

I never saw Dynamite magazine, but my mom felt the same way when I was growing up...she didn't want me to fall intot he gossip/body image trap and instead got me a subscription to New Moon Magazine for girls. They have a website at if you are interested.

Good luck! Don't you wish Highlights would interest them forever? :)

jenny said...

ACK! I didn't remember that magazine until I saw the Shaun Cassidy cover. Too funny.

I recently picked up a Mad Magazine, thinking my 11 yr. old son might enjoy it...and he might - five years from now. I know it was never exactly polite reading but it's gone way over the edge.

Blech. And totally disappointing.

IamSusie said...

Jenny- My son was easy. He gets a couple of subscriptions to Marvel Comic books.

Donna said...

My DH still has his Dynamites downstairs in his old toybox along with Bananas magazine and a rag-tag collection of comic books.