Monday, May 19, 2008

Flowers in Shop Update

Pile of new flower pins
I love having an Etsy shop and It's taking much less time for me to photograph and list items than it did at first. The thing is that they recommend that you try to list things regularly, hopefully everyday to keep your shop visible in searches. I find that I can only really do it in fits and spurts and then my listing goes quiet for awhile. I just can't make crafting for the shop my full time activity.

Don't worry! I'm always ready to ship as soon as an order comes in! It's just the crafting that I can't fully maintain at a constant level.

pink red and aqua crochet flowerpink and brown crochet flower
blue and brown crochet flowerpink blue and brown crochet flower
pink, yellow, and green crochet flowerGreen, yellow and pink crochet flower

These are the flowers pins I listed for today, even though in most of the world, it is the off season for wool items. I have several more to list tomorrow too, but I am at least going to try to spread it out over a couple of days. I used my recently dyed wool yarn to make these. I want to keep my shop more fully stocked with offerings. That will be my summer goal!


Melissa Norris said...

those look great Susie. I'm still learning to crochet (starting the same thing over and over), and you've inspired me to keep practicing so that one day I can make adorable flowers!

Anonymous said...

adorable work!

Puyallup flowers

Carina said...

Ooh, they are pretty! And I don't think it matters that they are wool. It's not like a scarf that really would keep you warm! ;-)
I totally hear ya about the inconsistency in crafting / updating the shop. Just can't do it every day. But maybe that's because I want to do/try so many different things! Ha!