Monday, May 5, 2008


Some cuteness for a Monday morning. This one is Korean:

Here's a very cute one on potty training from Japan (thanks, Cutesypoo!):

As long as I'm putting up YouTube videos, Here's one from my childhood. Morgan Freeman acting a little stoned and dressed up like Jimi Hendrix with Rita Moreno on The Electric Company. Easy Reader definitely has the hots for Carmelita:

And Stevie Wonder performing an extended version of "Superstition" on Sesame Street:

And this church hymn one is funny. We are switching back to our old denomination as soon as the school year is over. We prefer traditional formality at church and I also like hymn singing with the organ.

This song is so catchy. It knocks Stevie Wonder right out of my brain. And since I did that one, here is another one with "translations" by the same guy. These aren't new, so maybe you've seen them before. For the record, I love Bollywood!

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Donna said...

What a blast from the past. I loved the Electric Company! It's hard to believe it was a show for kids after watching it now.