Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back to sewing!

My daughter and I made this receiving blanket for our friends' new baby. She picked out coordinating flannel and quilter's cotton. I trimmed them up into matching squares and rounded up the ends. We stitched on a packaged double fold binding and voila! Easy blanket!

Sewing project on Hello Kitty Sewing Machine!

I really need a new cover for that ironing board.... She used her new Hello Kitty Sewing Machine. It works great! It's really lightweight and easy to use. I prefer my high end Husqvarna Viking, but this would be a great machine for anyone to have to bring to classes and such.

Daughter is still distracted when sewing and doesn't seem to notice that I'm guiding the fabric most of the time. We also made Hanna Montana/High School Musical matching pillows for her and her friend. I normally refuse to buy things with licensed characters on them (Hello Kitty and other Japanese Cute are notable exceptions), but she was so excited, I gave in. I'm doing all the careful cutting and pinning for her so she doesn't get too frustrated. I find that sewing is easy once you get everything cut correctly. I want so much for her to enjoy sewing like I do.

In case my son feels left out of the blog, here he is at the Alluvial Fan at the RMNP. This is a spot where you can see the extensive damage done when a dam with faulty caulking burst in 1982 and flooded the valley below including Estes Park, CO. He thought this was the coolest feature we observed all week. As a teenager, I hiked all the way to the top where the lake is above the tree line. Son things this cool waterfall is way better than some boring lake anyway. It so happens that we have a connection to that awful flood. Our relative was a prominent citizen in Loveland, Colorado and was the president of the Water Board when the flood occurred. My dad says he always felt it was some sort of sabotage, but he felt terrible about what happened until the end of his life..


Veronica said...

Where did you get the alien fabric? I love it!

IamSusie said...

Veronica- The alien fabric is a flannel available at JoAnns. The selveges are already in the outside garbage bin, so I have no further information.

Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug said...

Her sewing machine is just SO CUTE! And look at her looking so PROUD!! You are such an awesome MOM Susie!!!

Oh and your son looks mighty impressed too. *hugs*

Lily Boot said...

Lovely blanket and I like your helping/teaching style - my girl wants to sew but is also easily distracted and easily thwarted - I'll try your approach next time!

Rebel said...

Yay for your girl sewing - that's great!!!

Sarah said...

Now I have an excuse for the Hello Kitty machine... I can save it for my daughter AND pretend it is for traveling!