Monday, July 14, 2008

Cotton Pots

Cotton Crochet Pots

These little pots are really handy for small craft supply storage.

Cotton Crochet Pot

I use sturdy dishcloth cotton yarn because it has a heavier bulky weight when crocheted so they hold their shape. They are still soft and collapsible.

Cotton Crochet Pots
The knobs are a button and a pony bead. I like the idea of a natural wooden bead, but the colorful button-bead combination is even better.

Cotton Crochet Pots

I enjoy making these and I hope to list some in my Etsy shop in August after we get back from a family trip we are taking out west. Etsy is fun but it takes a lot of effort to list new things constantly. I got distracted recently with quiltmaking and sewing for my family and I hope to go back to embroidering and crochet for the shop in the fall.

Happily, I have some baby projects to make. Our friends came home from the hospital this weekend with a long anticipated new member of the family. Hooray!


Veronica said...

Holy cow- those are so cute! You have inspired me to go diving in the cotton stash. :)

Sew Bettie said...

I love these little pots. So cute and practical.

Cards By Paula said...

These are just so, so pretty. You're so talented. Well done.

Lily Boot said...

I LOVE them and will definitely be lining up for them when you get back from holidays!

Creative B Bee said...

Soo...cute! So nice! So beautiful!!!!!(speachless) Am I copy this idea???