Monday, March 2, 2009

Baby Quilts

These are two long overdue baby quilts I made for some friends and their new baby girls. The block is the churn dash which was a favorite of my grandmother. I used a beautiful fabric set that my mom gave me as a gift for my birthday.

Churn Dash Baby Quilt 2

I was happy to have the fabric pack because shopping for novelty children's fabrics is always a big challenge. I matched up the fabrics in contrasting colors and made two complimentary versions of each block. I delivered the above quilt to my friends and their gorgeous baby girl this weekend. I still need to send out the quilt below to the equally beautiful baby girl who lives out of town. I'm pretty sure the out-of-town parents don't read my blog, so the surprise is safe.

Churn Dash Baby Quilt

I beat myself up a little bit for not using sashing and border on these, but they were already big enough and I didn't want to worry about shopping for the longish yardage needed for borders. I used packaged double fold bias tape for the binding so that step went really quickly and easily. I like how they turned out although I took longer than I liked to get them ready to give.

Right now I'm stitching up some quilts for a school fundraiser. The school children each colored a muslin square which will be assembled into quilts for each classroom. I only have to do two of the quilts and I procrastinated as usual so it's a mad rush to get them done by Wednesday. Unfortunately, the fabric used for the kids drawing is really inferior and it is fraying and falling apart even though I am being really gentle with it. Alas...

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Miss Gina Designs said...

These are stunning! Lucky little girls!! (smile!~!) Can't wait to see the school fundraiser quilt.