Monday, March 9, 2009

Craft Talk

I've seen this from Leslie Hall several times today and I can't stop listening to it. Thanks Sarah, Zakka Life, Craftzine, and Craftastrophe.

My recollection is that gem and bedazzled sweaters were an early 90's phenomenon although they do look 80's. I was a crafty elementary school teacher, so I also was familiar with the iron-on applique puffy paint t-shirt thing of the same time period. In fact in 1993, I received a fully sequined t-shirt as a going away gift from my teacher friends back in Texas. Sadly, she used the wrong adhesive for the sparkles and they very quickly fell off. I don't usually wear sparkley things, but it was a quintessentially Texas sort of gift.

I love the way she says, "You sure looking happy, cause you make it snappy.. and not very crappy."

I also think "Do you want to paste together something we can use forever... I'm thinking Key Chains" could be the motto of our Chicagoland Craft Collective.

Enjoy! And "work through the pain" my craftastic friends.

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tarabu said...

. . . .ummm . . . is that their real hair.

Also, I laughed so hard tea almost came out of my nose!