Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Vintage Printed Linens

I love winter, but this was a really bad one. It was frigid cold for a long long time. At least we had some snow here to brighten things up. The weather here has turned beautiful, at least for the last few days. My lawn is starting to green up a little and I see some very small buds on the trees.

Vintage Linens

With all this bright sunshine, I feel like I want to put away my old stuff and make way for some new things in my house and my life. My mom has been doing just that. She cleaned out her vintage linen collection and gave me some of her treasures. We think some of these printed linens may have been my grandma's but at this point, we can't remember and we aren't sure that it matters. Mom has collected vintage kitchen linens at antique stores for years and years. She has always favored red.

This one may be my favorite:
Vintage Linens

Vintage Linens

This one is a beautiful soft linen. It must have been used and loved, but it has no stains at all:
Vintage Linens

Vintage Linens

I think this one is new. A long table runner was cut in half to make two shorter runners. Mom used these out in her back garden for summer picnics and luncheons:
Vintage Linens

This is a vintage tea towel. It is a soft, thick cotton.
Vintage Linens

For awhile, the style was to collect these vintage things and sew them up into kitchen curtains and throw pillows. I think that may still be in fashion, but I don't have the heart to cut vintage things up unless they are stained and worn out. I'm so happy to have these lovely things for my kitchen and my summertime patio.

Thanks, Mom!


Kalyber said...

Susie these are beautiful. I remember similar colors and patterns showing up in my grandmothers linens too, ah the memories. Thanks for sharing.

Mindy said...

Oh, lucky you!!! I dearly love vintage patterns in reds, blues and yellows. Enjoy your new treasures!

jennyleigh said...

I also love vintage linens. You have a beautiful collection.

Lily Boot said...

Oh Susie, they are beautiful! I have been collecting vintage linens this year on ebay - but looking at yours, makes me realise I don't have any red yet. Lots of blues, pinks and yellows. Definitely need some red. Your summer tables will look so fresh and pretty.

Miss Gina Designs said...

These linens are absolutely beautiful. A true treasure!

nasty_wench, AKA sharon-lizette said...

Yeh, once again I am the green-eyed-monster drooling over your blog.

Rebel said...

So pretty! I love the one with the pink flowers and pink trim... naturally. ;)

Sandy said...

What a wonderful collection! I love anything fromn that era for the kitchen, but these wonderful colorful tablecloths and such are my favorites! Thanks for sharing the photo!