Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Vintage

Mom gave me these beautiful crochet pieces. They were part of her collection and not made by anyone in my family.

Vintage Table Runner

This is a lovely dresser scarf or table runner:

Vintage Table Runner

Here are two doilies that would probably have been used on the arms of a chair:

Vintage crochet doilies

They were probably never ever used:

Vintage crochet doilies

This is a lace trimmed linen table runner. If my dining room table wasn't piled high with sewing supplies and projects, I might use one of the many table runners I have in my collection. I think this is a kind of bobbin lace. I am not sure, as I have never tried making bobbin lace.
Linen Table Runner

I like to use my rainbow crochet afghan underneath my crochet photos. I tired of crocheting that blanket before I finished it, but it does generously cover one side our our queen sized bed on chilly nights.


Emma Kate said...

They look so delicate. Really gorgeous x

Paula said...

How beautiful they all are. I can appreciate the work that's gone into making these works of art because my mum still does this kind of crochet.

I love the colours on your rainbow blanket, maybe you'll finish it one day.

~Niki~ said...

love crochet!
i have a new linky blog you can link up your handmades if you wish: