Thursday, September 9, 2010


One of the reasons I started this blog was to keep track of my own projects and to archive the vintage linens in the family collection. My mom has been cleaning out her house and has given me piles of lovely sentimental things and I am hopelessly behind on photographing them.

Among the things she has found in the corners of my childhood home are some art projects I did in school. Here is a very surprised looking portrait of someone:

Clay Face

I made this in 1976 when I was in Mrs. Mustoe's 4th grade class.

Clay Face

In fact, here is a picture of that very class. I'm the girl in the middle row on the far right below the teacher. On facebook, someone tagged the little girl with the glasses in the front row as Liz Phair whose indie rocker career has cooled a bit in the last decade, and the boy below me in the front row is a successful producer of short lived guilty pleasure prime time soap operas.

At any rate, don't think I was particularly talented with clay, but here is a wall hanging we appliqued in art class:

Felt Applique

I love that blue burlap. I suppose someone still sells soft burlap like that, but I don't see it at my fabric stores..

Mom also found some very beautiful crocheted things. These were not made by anyone in my family, but they are still lovely.

Thread Crochet Aprons

Thread Crochet Aprons

My grandma gave these thread crochet aprons to my mom because Mom used to hold a little vintage style tea party for a small but lucky group of little students of hers. The tea party was a fundraiser offering at her elementary school. I think I was already away at college when the tea parties occurred.

Thread Crochet Aprons

If I had a vintage style waistline, I would totally wear these.


Kalyber said...

I love your kid art it's awesome.

Jenny said...

I really like your wall hanging. Cute! And I totally know what you mean with the vintage waistline remark. I have several vintage aprons, and the waists are all T.I.N.Y. But, oh how pretty they are! Thanks for sharing your goodies!