Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Happy Spring Felt

Felt Froggies! They are so happy together! I use 2 strands of embroidery floss and a blanket stitch. I like to use contrasting thread when I hand stitch. It looks more like an outline tht way. I do use fabric glue for the eyes.

This week I finally made a real commitment to feltcraft by ordering wool/rayon felt yardage from an online source. I'm tired of waiting for JoAnns to stock up. The more I use acrylic felt, the more I detest working with it. Even my scissors rebel and don't like cutting through the synthetic fibers. The green felt I used for the frogs is this terrific stuff from my grandma's stash. I think it's maybe some kind of cotton/rayon blend but I'm not sure. It's so smooth and wonderful. **sigh**

I like making seasonal felt envelopes. These are the ones I made for a swap on Craftster. I like the way they all look together. Everything is cuter in a giant pile don't you think?

I tested using paper punches for the flowers and it worked out great although you do have to use some muscle. Acrylic refuses to be punched so I gave up on it... I've got some other felt envelope designs but they are a secret until my swap partner receives them.

What a bad photo.. Sorry! These were the first felt mascots I ever made. Last Easter I made a pile and gave them out inside little plastic eggs instead of candy. The were a cute little Easter surprise. I always stitch little mascots like these onto barrettes for my daughter.


Laren said...

Hi There,

Just looking at your cute felt creations. If you want to use punches on felt, have a look at the Sizzix punches, they are anywhere punches and you use a hammer, so they will cut through just about anything!! They are called Paddle punches and are discontinued, so marked down from $6 to $1.20 each. Lots of cute shapes:

Jane (Flickr Embroidery group)

IamSusie said...

Thanks for the tip! I actually already got my hands on it and a bunch of punches. It works great, but the punches are almost sold out.

Sonya said...

I know it's been awhile since you posted this but I just LOVE your froggies!! Im hoping to make some for myself but Im having a hard time with the blanket