Monday, March 26, 2007

Felt Mascots

Here is Chef Piggy. I made him for a swap on Craftster for MariskaLovesCrafts. I'm still waiting for her package to come. She's overseas, so it takes awhile. It'll be worth it!

Piggy? What's in the package? It's wee felt breads.
These loaves are made like fabric yo-yos. You just sew a running stitch around the little felt circle and cinch it up, stuff, then stitch it closed. They look a bit like they were baked in a muffin cup.... The other breads are made with two matching pieces that you stitch together and stuff. I got the pattern for piggy and his breads from a Japanese Mascot book ISBN4834764184 .

Anyway, I'm co-organizing the swap with the incredible novastarlet who shares my love of Japanese felt mascots and had the good fortune of spending some time in Japan studying during college. You can see what she made for the swap here and here.

I've got some cuteness in the works for her right now. We are doing a private swap for Easter.

Hmm... do you think I can convince my husband to get us a better digital camera? Boy would that be nice...

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SkippyMom said...

Wow THAT is amazing. I was researching these for a swap I am involved in [I have never made one] and was thrilled to see how cute yours is! wow.

I found you on google, btw.