Friday, March 23, 2007

How does this blogging thing work.....

So this is my first attempt at a blog post.. it's sort of a test. This is the duckie mascot we made at my MeetUp group last night. I'm thinking of selling him as a little kit... stay tuned! (Although I doubt anyone is reading this....) My MeetUp is the Chicagoland Craft Collective and it is really great. I always get fired up about crafting when I get home. Sarah Moore is our fearless leader and a super crafter.

Lets see... on my blog I plan to share my crafty obsessions with like-minded people. It's also my dream to photograph all the vintage linens and hankies in my collections. Here's one that was my Mom's when she was a girl.

It's by artist Carl Tait and I remember peeking in her keepsake drawer when I was a kid and playing with it. I'd practice chanting the rhyme and wonder what it would be like to have those different jobs.

Here's another super cute one by that same artist:

I adore hankies and have been collecting them for quite some time. Most of my collection features florals and beautifully detailed crochet. My mom knows just what I like and always finds great ones for my collection at antique malls during her travels. Thanks, Mom! Someday I'll photograph the basket quilt I made for her from some of our hankie stash.

So I guess I finally made the leap into starting a blog.... now if I can just remember to use my punctuation and grammar like I should, I think it'll be okay.

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