Thursday, August 16, 2007

Magic Scrubbers

Halloween Crochet Scrubbers

These were crocheted for me in a swap on Craftster by my partner Christinacoghill. Thanks, Christina!

They are the 3 Spookietos. Carey is the non scary ghost with dreams of being a world Frisbee golf champion. He remains undeterred by his lack of Frisbee tossing hands.

Peter is the pumpkin who wants to be a gourd and listen to himself rattle after he's old and dried up.

Barney the bat hates eating bugs and his mother has to make sure he eats enough so he doesn't stay so skinny. (I have that problem with my own son.)

They can be used as little puppets, or for washing up. I think we'll enjoy them on display for awhile and then the kids will use them in the bath around Halloween.

I have 2 Magic Scrubber books and now have renewed interest in crafting from them.

ISBN 4834764206 This one is Magic Scrubber Book 7, ISBN 4834764206
ISBN 4834764206 Detail

ISBN 9784834762945
This one is ISBN 9784834762945. It has crochet and knit patterns but they aren't always cute little characters. All the patterns use international crochet symbols which take a bit of getting used to. I happen to prefer charted crochet patterns to the traditional hieroglyphics...
ISBN 978434762945 Detail

Again, I don't have the book with these cute seasonal Halloween scrubbers, but the other 2 are at YesAsia HERE.

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