Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tea Towel Tour Swap

I did a tea towel tour swap on Craftster. We passed around our towels in a circle, stitching a motif for each towel as they came to us. My partners did a great job stalking me and coming up with patterns I love.

Tea Towel Monkeys
Sublime Stitching Monkeys by ChelleyF.

Tea Towel Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty by rectangel.

Tea towel Marge
Chef Marge by doo_leroux

Tea Towel Curious George
Curious George by cupcakeguru

Tea Towel Tour Swap
Here's the whole towel so far. I still have to do my own motif which will be Homer eating a pink doughnut. PinkyK chose it for me and sent along the embroidery floss too.

You can see the whole craftster gallery of motifs HERE. I highly recommend clicking the green tab that says "Show Images Only" or you'll be reading lots of chit chats and encouragements.

The swap was great fun and I think we bonded over the experience. Thanks ladies!


corry said...

What a great idea for a swap!

Girasole said...

I love them all, especilly the hello kitty but Chef Marge is my favorite!

Stitcher S said...

They're so darling! It's been great looking at your blog and seeing your work. Thanks!