Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Rockin Girls

Rockin' Girl Blogger Badge

Floresita nominated me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger last week. Thanks so much! I sort of can't believe people I've not met in real life read this. Actually, it so happens that the people I do know in real life don't read it either, only the ones who are craft obsessed...

Yesterday, I was reading up on various people's accounts of the BlogHer conference that was here in Chicago last weekend. Did you know that bloggers (particularly I gather, Mommy Bloggers) get approached by PR people? I have never heard of that. Does this happen to crafty bloggers too?

Anyway, Amy Sedaris was the big star at BlogHer, eclipsing Elizabeth Edwards and the winner of Project Runway, Chloe. I did not attend, but was pleased to hear that Amy Sedaris livened things up for the crafty types. At one point she pointed out that her book "is very visual so it's good for for illiterate people." See a video clip HERE.

Well, that's a roundabout way of saying that's the kind of blogs I like best. The ones with giant colorful pictures of luscious crafts and a cute or funny story here and there. I just started using Google Reader and now I can browse gazillions of blogs every day.

So now I should nominate 5 people.

I adore Floresita and her Vintage Transfer Finds blog. Flor also contributes to Feeling Stitchy.
Does she count though since she's already been nominated?

I love reading Craft Critique.
My friends over there just might get me started collecting paper crafting and stamping supplies.

Have you seen Softies Central? Almost every day she posts pictures of the best handmade softies around.

Kleas is another crafter who prefers needlework like I do.

Sunshine's Creation's has lots of the wonderful traditional things I love. She's inspired me to find my tatting shuttle and get going on some trim. And today she's got gazillions of yo-yo's photographed. One day I'll get going on more yo-yos too.

Wardi.DK makes beautiful projects.
Check out her gorgeous pincushion HERE inspired by the colors of Denmark.

There is so much inspiration, I can scarcely tear myself away from the computer to get my crafting done! I've been kind of wordy lately for someone who likes big juicy pictures. I did do some stitching today, but for a swap, so it's Top Secret.


Rebel said...

Thanks for posting all those links - I'll need to check out sunshine's blog. My late grandmother tatted, and I've always wanted to learn.

sunshine said...

Well if you do get your tatting shuttle out I would like to see the results. Also yoyos are easy to make and a great travel project. AS you can tell we have been driving a lot lately to and from kids camp 3 hour round trip mass amounts of yoyos at my house at the moment waiting to me added to a mini quilt or a twin size quilt for my youngest.

take care

Anonymous said...

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