Thursday, September 6, 2007

Felt Fast Food

Felt Fast Foods

I've got lots of things to blog about, but we got a computer virus last week and when my hubby cleaned out the computer, he messed up our internet connection... We are at a bit of an impasse about whose responsibility it is to call tech support. He says I can do it because I'm home all day. I say the one and only thing he is actually able to fix around here is the computer and he should do it. He actually agreed with me about that... At any rate, we both caught monster colds and he keeps putting it off...

I get to use his laptop and the cellular dialup connection he has before he goes to work, so that's what I'm stuck with....

So those little guys above were my angel package in our mascot swap on craftster. They are very tiny, so that's why I did three. Our usual swap requirements are one mascot under 6 inches, an extra, and an introduction card. I can't claim to be fully responsible for their undeniable cuteness. They are from THIS BOOK which I've been using a lot lately.

Check out the swap gallery HERE.
People made really cute things! Felt is so much fun to use.


douzmanian said...

Good morning,
I fell incidentally on your pretty blog, Do you sell your mascots? if yes I shall be very interresting for a dozen.

soory for my very poor English im' French ;-)

IamSusie said...

Hi dousmanian- I'm pleased that you found my blog! I checked out yours and although I can't read most of the French, I think your daughter has the same name as mine: Emma.

I can't sell my mascots because they are made from patterns published in books so selling them is a violation of copyright laws.