Monday, September 10, 2007

Little Red Riding Hood

Pink Red Riding Hood Pouch

Red Riding Hood and her pouch are from a new Japanese kid's stuff book that I recently purchased, ISBN 4277430902. I don't normally make too many pouches and purses, but I think I want to start. It is a bit more challenging to follow Japanese instructions in a purse book than the felt mascot books. I think that is mostly because I have no experience with bag construction. For these, you stitch the design on your outer piece, then sew together the lining and the outside in a particular way illustrated in the book. Turn it out and voila! perfect pouch!

I was so excited about these that I made 4 pink Red Riding Hood ones and then went to JoAnns for stash building. I wanted lighter and neutrals that would show my stitching to better effect. I live by one of the little JoAnns and they have a terrible fabric selection, but I do like these, especially the space stuff on top.
Fabric Stash Building

I have actually made about 8 more super cute pouches in a variety of patterns with new little designs on them, but we have to take our home computer to Geek Squad to get our internet up again before I can load pictures into my Flickr account. My photos are trapped inside!

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Sabine said...

That pouch is lovely!