Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Shoes and Dancing Teapot

So I had a couple of interesting conversations with my children recently. Right after school started, I asked my second grade daughter if she needed a new pair of gym shoes.

"No, Mom. We got those other shoes a couple months ago. My sandals are wearing out, but I still don't need new ones."

*phew* It is my dream to raise children that don't constantly want new things, particularly shoes. I hate shopping for shoes almost as much as shopping for new bras. Anyway, This nice reaction from my daughter was giving me the warm fuzzies that we were on the right track when a few days ago, my 5th grade son came over:

Son: Mom, there's these shoes that have these 3 stripes down the side. 'Adias" is what they are. Those are cool. Can I get some?
Me: Why? You have two other sets of gym shoes that still fit. I think you are talking about Adidas.
Son: Yeah, but those shoes are cool. I don't like these shoes any more.

Alas... Don't worry, I didn't get them for him. I gave him a speech about brand names and the cost of things like that. He didn't seem to care too much, but I think the subject will come up again. At some point, he might end up with those Adidas.. I'm not sure I haven't priced them at all. I have a STRONG aversion to brand names and logos for clothing, even if I can afford them.

Here's a dancing saucepot embroidery I did for SlyBetty in my Tea Towel Swap on Craftster. Actually, most of my group seems to be doing aprons instead of towels, but the embroidery is the same:
Dancing Saucepot Embroidery

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Anonymous said...

I just love your saucepan embroidery! So sweet.